Fair Market Value

At Anchored Investments, we prioritize transparency and fairness in every aspect of our home-buying process. Understanding how we determine the fair market value of your home is crucial to establishing trust and ensuring you feel confident in our offer. Our approach is comprehensive, taking into account a variety of factors to ensure our cash offer reflects the true value of your property in its current state. Here’s how we evaluate your home:

Existing Condition of Your Home

The first step in our evaluation process is to assess the current condition of your home. Our representative will visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection, noting both its strengths and areas that might need improvement. This initial assessment is fundamental to understanding the starting point for any potential repairs or upgrades.

Extent and Cost of Repairs Needed

Based on our assessment of the existing condition, we then estimate the extent and cost of any repairs needed to resell your home. This includes everything from minor cosmetic updates to major structural repairs. Our aim is to accurately gauge how these necessary improvements will impact the overall value and marketability of your home.

Time Required to Complete Repairs

Time is a critical factor in real estate investments. We estimate the time it will take to complete the needed repairs, considering how this timeline affects holding costs and the property’s value on the market. A quicker turnaround on repairs can often lead to a more favorable evaluation, as it reduces the holding period and associated costs.

Comparative Market Analysis

To ensure our offer is competitive and fair, we conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA). This involves comparing your home to similar properties in the area that have recently sold or are currently on the market. This comparison helps us understand how your home stacks up in the current real estate landscape, taking into account location, size, condition, and other critical factors.

Real Estate Commission Costs

While we don’t involve real estate agents in our direct buying process, we do consider the typical commission costs that would be required to resell your home through traditional channels. This consideration helps us factor in the savings from bypassing the traditional sales route, which can then be reflected in our offer to you.

Maintenance and Holding Costs

Finally, we calculate the costs associated with maintaining your home during the repair and resale process. This includes ongoing expenses such as taxes, mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, and homeowner dues. By estimating these costs, we can better understand the net value of your home and make a fair offer that accounts for these financial commitments.

Our Commitment to Fairness

At Anchored Investments, our goal is to make the selling process as straightforward and beneficial for you as possible. By carefully considering these factors, we strive to provide a fair and transparent offer for your home. We understand that selling your property is a significant decision, and we are committed to offering a solution that respects the value of your home and meets your needs.
Our Commitment to Fairness

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Determining the fair market value of your home is a process we take seriously at Anchored Investments. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that we make an offer that is fair, competitive, and reflective of the true worth of your property. If you’re considering selling your home and are looking for a reliable, straightforward, and transparent process, Anchored Investments is here to help.